Show Someone You Love Them

Having a clear-cut picture of what love really is, or true love as some call it has become difficult in the present century as the modern world enlightenment which we can say has largely eroded human morality has also clouded the view of individuals on what love is. The birth of terminologies or adjectives which have been used in classifying or describing love has to a large extent revealed how much we seem to have got it wrong. We hear terms and sentences like “True Love”, the love I have for him is “real” or “deep” among others. This lives us questioning the veracity of what love really is or what it actually means. We are left with questions such as “if there is true love can we also have fake love?”, or “can a person’s love for another be surface level as much as we hear people also talk about deep love?”; all these I would say are aberrations by man as a result of deviation from the right order.

Love in its’ actual sense involves a deep feeling of emotion, but beyond emotions love must be seen as the measure of affection or care had towards a person which in the real sense should be immeasurable yet tangible. Love is not something vague but that which is known through actions. We can, therefore, say love is revealed in expressions.

Research into people’s ideal about “what love is” lead me to a classification system which I believe reveals diverse mannerisms in the expression of love amongst individuals over the popular belief that it points out a system used in classifying love into types.

Love for a person or group of persons may be expressed in diverse forms, from the love which is fully emotional or romantic in its expression which is believed to exist among individuals with strong sexual desire towards one another. Then there is the platonic expression which is believed to be a more trustworthy form of showing love because it’s without demands of sexual gratification. An expression similar to this is referred to as “Storge”, and it’s believed to be of more natural origin or said to be inborn and always directed towards members of same kin or family. This is love expressed as a natural affection among people tied by blood.

Studies have classified love into diverse other types which I believe only re-establishes my belief that love is one but could have diverse forms of expressions. A person could love himself alone or love someone obsessively; a person’s expression of love could be selfish as it could also be selfless.

An in-depth idea of how love should be expressed to each individual in our lives will go a long way in reducing the hurts and deceits which many undergo in the current generation. We would agree that the more love has been classified into sections and types, the higher the number of isolated individuals we have had, i.e. people feel more alone than we have had in past years.

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